The Value of Content Marketing

In today’s digital world, content writing is a masterful force. Whether you need to market your business, your personal brand, find a job, or communicate news–you cannot do it without communicating a message, value, or offer.

This is where content marketing comes in and what you should know before launching your marketing campaign.

# 1 First, determine your objective.

What is it that you wish to accomplish with your new marketing project?  Having the goal in mind will help you calibrate your message and customize your writing to achieve the intended goal.

#2. Next, determine your audience.

Are you seeking the attention of customers or the attention of employers? We start with the target in mind when we write executive resumes at resume writing and career coaching firm.

We ask our clients, “What job title do you seek and why? Which industry most appeals to you?” Which leads us to, “What is it they want from you?”

You see, once you have determined what your fans, customers, employers, students, etc. desire–you can devise a content marketing strategy that promises value.

#3. Define your voice.

So, now that you have your end in mind and know your audience’s needs, you can now speak to them in a language that resonates with them.

If your are writing for an employer, then you should develop and executive resume that is infused with the resume keywords used in that industry.

For example, if you are writing for parents via your blog, helping them through the ups and downs of parenting, you would used words associated with their world and problems. In other words, the lexicon you apply must be relevant.

#4. Choose your method.

How will you communicate your message? This again must be determined by understanding your audience and the world they live in. Will you blog? Will you become an influencer on social media? Is it YouTube that will provide you and your business with the most prominence? Perhaps you are in need of printed materials. Find the best vehicle to the audience you seek.

Good luck

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
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