Executive Resume Writing Services: How it Works

Job seekers are often looking for help with their executive resume but don’t know where to turn. They wonder if executive resume writing services are worth the price tag. What if they/you invest and you wind up with something you could have created yourself?

I understand this fear. Here are a few things that you must consider when outweighing the cost vs. return on your investment.

A top executive resume writing service will offer you the help of professional resume writers who are certified and have been in the business of writing for executives for a very long time.

Many of these professional executive resume writers are multi-certified; belong to resume writing associations, join coalitions/ groups comprised of resume writers and career coaches, enter resume writing contest, network with recruiters, and are avid users of social media.

In other words, these professional resume writers keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the job search market. 

No matter how good you are at writing, you are going to have a challenge gaining the wisdom these folks offer because professional resume writers do this for a living. It is a 9 to 9 job.


The most valuable takeaway, however, when hiring an executive resume writing service to assist you with the development of your resume and job search tools, is that these professionals work with hundreds of leaders from a variety of sectors.

The insights gained helping careerists develop resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other tools, includes helping executives/leaders overcome marketing challenges.

Some of these challenges that executive resume writing services will help you overcome, could include  the following:

  • Long-term tenure with the same company. How do you showcase broad and diverse experience?
  • Proving experience for a particular executive job when you have never held that job title. How do you show them you can do the job? Have you done it before on an unofficial basis?
  • Condensing of a long-winded resume because you just have not had the time. But, how do you condense 20 years of experience down to two pages without losing critical information?
  • Helping you beat the competition for a coveted position? How do you know what recruiters want to see and what other executives are saying? You don’t. But, we do.

The above is a shortlist. There is so much more that executive resume writers/executive resume writings services do to assist you in achieving career success. For example, when I assist my clients, the process itself is very enlightening and empowers them to ace that interview.

We first have an initial conversation to ensure we are the right fit. Resume writing is a very personal process. We are writing your career story after all.

Second, we have an in-depth conversation to help you figure out what is unique about your qualifications and we craft a unique value offer.

Third, we work through iterations of the resume and calibrate the message to ensure it is both in alignment with who you are and what your employer needs to know.

Bottom line: When you hire an executive resume writing service, you are not just hiring a writing firm but you are hiring career specialists who will go to bat for you as your most trusted advocate.

You will be partnering with experts who have solutions to your problem, helping you inch closer to the job of your dreams.

Good luck with your job search.

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Professional Executive Resume Writer



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